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by Annette Solis

Remember the last time you were trolling through Pinterest and you finally stopped because of all the major hair envy from all these magical mermaids with their flawless glistening locks?  Now you’re stuck wondering How does she do it?!”, well as edited and completely fake as most of those images really are a beautiful and healthy full head of hair is not beyond reality.  There are easy in salon and at home routines you can use to manifest all that hair envy into your own stunning style!
Welcome to colorful Colorado! As the more and more transplants call Colorado home there are some things to know about our fine state.  First off Green Chili is an entire food group, you don’t actually love this state until you proudly wear a Colorado flag or homage to the mountains tattoo, and because of that Rocky Mountain view many areas around the state have hard water. What the hell does that mean?! Hard water is simply water that is high in minerals that can coat the hair with a sort of film that makes it difficult to get moisture and even hair color into. It only takes a quick google to see if your county has hard water.
So now what? First course of action should be to install a shower filter! Ok so that sounds extreme like you’re afraid of your water and hard water or not these are amazing, they soften the water, balances PH, and removes a lot of chlorine to leave not only your hair soft and shiny but you’ll notice a difference on your skin as well (psst, that’s your scalp!).  There is a filter available for every budget and some that offer discount programs for filters on automatic refills like Aquasana ( which is my personal favorite and the one I have installed in my shower at home. 
You can also receive an in salon treatment that helps strip all of that gunk right out to allow your stylists to color on a clean canvas.  Add this treatment before any color service, it’s quick, easy, and minimal on cost! As a take home try Solu from Davines which is a clarifying shampoo and will increase the longevity of your color service! These simple suggestions will set the stage for your beautiful hair to shine! 
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