July Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips
by Connie Chavez
Esthetician . Makeup Artist
Preventative skincare and creating a clear and even skin tone can allow you to feel confident in the skin you’re in without the need to apply makeup everyday or prepare your face for a flawless makeup application.
If you don’t already have a regular skincare regimen in place, it’s never to late to start!
Baby steps. Don’t rush out and spend your hard earned money just anywhere. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your skin will not change overnight with one miracle product. Like anything worthwhile and important, put some thought into what you’re most concerned with and go from there. Optimally you would find your local skin care expert and schedule a complimentary skincare consultation. This initial appointment allows you meet with a skin care expert who can guide you on your journey to beautiful skin. 


A good skin care consultation will include first and foremost a thorough skin analysis to determine your skin condition, and evaluate what skin type you have. This is the part where your skin care expert will be asking a variety of questions to determine what your concerns are for your skin. A one size fits all is not what you’re going for here.

A true professional will gather information to educate you on what is best suited for you regarding products and skin treatments, without pushing specific products or treatments.  Remember this is your skin and you can ask them as many questions as you need to. In fact they should welcome your questions because this is a two way street, and together you can formulate a plan to address your concerns to move forward to your best skin possible. 
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