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Our Uptown neighborhood has a large population of animal lovers, we see our neighbors and their dogs walking by everyday, and just as animals are a big part of our neighbor’s lifestyle, we too have a big heart for animals.  Fallene and Kyle were turned on to Maxfund after they adopted two awesome cats, Django and Llewyn, from Maxfund and were thrilled at their attention to detail and ensuring they were going to a good home. Anyone that knows Fallene and Kyle, know they are huge cat lovers constantly spoiling the crap out of their cats.

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Maxfund is doing such great things for the animal community, that when the salon decided to donate to a local animal shelter, Maxfund immediately came to mind.

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We approached Maxfund in December with this idea and started to collect wish list items from our clients including bedding, toys, food, leashes, and medication.  After collecting $200 in supplies, our stylists Carlos, Michaela, Fallene, Kacie and Kelsey all took a step away from working behind the chair to check out who we’re donating to and to give some much needed love to these wonderful creatures.  Check out the full wish list here. Our donation program is as follows: Donate items and receive $5 off your product purchase on anything $20 and over.

We encourage everyone reading this if you want to help, donate supplies at the salon or visit Maxfund in person to adopt an animal, volunteer time, or visit to donate money to help fund this incredible company.

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