Our Journey on becoming a BCorporation

What is B Corporation and why it’s important to us and why it will be important for you as a consumer.

B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.

The idea of Let Em Have It becoming a B Corporation was introduced to Fallene from one of her clients. This client noticed everything Let Em Have It was doing in the community and our sustainability efforts and asked, “Are you guys a B Corp?” At the time Fallene had no idea what it meant to become a B Corporation, but after researching the B Corporation culture she thought we have to do this. There are only 1588 B Corporations in the world, and only 2 are salons.

Fallene further stoked the B Corp fire last January attending B Lab workshops at the University of Denver and the Cultivation Center in Boulder.  Where she learned of the B Corp Handbook written by Ryan Honeyman, the more she read about B Corporations the more she was interested in using Let Em Have It as a force for good vs just making a profit.

How do you become a B Corporation?

It’s a long journey, it start’s by visiting www.bcorporation.net and taking the B Assessment. The B Assessment asks you questions on governance, workers, community, environment and customers and a company has to score 80 points out of 200. Sounds pretty easy 80 points, no big deal! Turns out that most companies can barely achieve 50 points. The questions are challenging and require full documentation for each answer.  Then, even after a company becomes a B Corporation, you have to commit to constantly working to improve your score.

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Why is this important for you as the consumer?  

As a consumer this transparency, empowers you to see through the marketing and choose to support companies that are not only providing you a great quality product or service, but are changing the world for the better.  Start looking for this logo on your products and businesses you support, and you the consumer become part of that movement.


How has this journey evolved Let Em Have It?  The B Corporation assessment has not only been challenging as we navigate our way through it, but it has also become a roadmap on how to improve what we are doing in the community, how we treat our employees, and how to be more sustainable.  It has also helped us to look at what we are providing to you, our customers and involving you in the process of becoming a better business has been crucial in our development.

Where are we in our progress? Let Em Have It Salon is currently working with B Assessment team from The University of Denver to help us with improving our score. Over the next 6-8 weeks we are diligently working to complete the assessment and become a B Corporation, providing more transparency for our consumers and always working hard to change the world for the better, using our business as a force for good. B Corporation isn’t just a certification, to us it embodies the values and culture of Let Em Have It Salon.

Let Em Have It’s favorite B Corporations. 

Our hair product and color line, Davines Sustainable Beauty

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At the Davines World Wide Hair Tour in January, they featured Let Em Have It Salon on stage to over 2000 people and discussed our journey to becoming a B Corporation Salon this year.


Eileen Fisher, Fallene’s inspiration and favorite fashion icon, just became the first big fashion house to become a B Corporation. From their attention to detail on the fabrics they source, to the dyes they use and the people they employ to make their clothing, their compassion for the world and positive impact they make in the community is an inspiration. They are more than just a clothing line, check them out Behindthelabel

Warby Parker, the innovative eyewear company www.warbyparker.com

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We purchase our produce for our infused waters from Door to Door Organics.Click Here  to see their assessment and visit their website atwww.doortodoororganics.com

Next time you make a purchase, ask yourself if you are supporting something that aligns with your values. Make each purchase count and you will be a part of a movement making the world a better place.

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