Staff Picks: June

We all have our favorite products that we can’t live without! We wanted to share with you each month a favorite haircare, skincare and makeup product that we all love and how we use it. Next time you’re in check out our staff picks they might become one of your favorites too!
Davines More Inside Oil-non-oil is a perfect balance of moisture and styling aid for those wash and go days! Emulsify in your hands and apply in towel dried hair.  scrunch, twist, or comb through that’s it!
Jane Iredale brow gel is a quick and easy way to get great brows, brush on and let dry.  Comes in Blonde, Brunette, and Clear.
Glo Solar Shade spf 50 everyone needs spf! Great for sensitive skin.  Emulsify in your hands before massaging onto face. 



Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist since I only shampoo about every 5-7 days this spray helps create separation in my curls without weighing them down, just spray mids to ends! Adds shine and smells incredible too!
Solar Shade is a lightweight sunscreen from GLO Therapeutics sensitive skin product line so it is free of dyes, fragrances, parabens, gluten, nuts, and soy with an spf of 50 it is definitely a purse must have for the summer sunshine!
Jane Iredale cosmetics is second to none when it comes to green beauty and with a whole array of wonderful products it is hard to choose only one, but I do use one product every single day no matter what look I am going for and that is Smooth Affair for the eyes in the shade naked.  This eye shadow primer sets you up for long lasting and bright pigments. Great for natural looks, travel, or throw one in your gym bag for quick touch ups, depending on your shade get creative and use this as a highlighter too!
Davines-Authentic Nourishing Oil: Face/Hair/Body
Wow is all I can say! I think I received a sample in my welcome pack to LeHi Salon. I love multipurpose products, and now I work for a davines salon-so when in Rome!  Love, love, love all the nourishing botanical oils, so good for skin, hair and body. When I smell it reminds me of the tranquility of growing up in the mountains! My face and body the day after the first use felt so smooth and luminous looking, my hair wasn’t as coarse and dry! I have definitely drank from the Davines kool aid! Can’t wait to try other Davines products!
Glo Therapeutics: Renew Serum
I’ve used the Renew Serum by Glo for years now and am a true believer. I hadn’t used a professional grade Retinol before in combination with Glycolic and Salicylic which creates a power house treatment serum. You have breakouts, you have hyper pigmentation, you have lines and wrinkles, you have blackheads, you have dull skin-bam Renew Serum is your secret weapon. I typically use the serum 3-4 times a week and switch it up with either a hyaluronic serum or vitamin c serum. It’s recommend use depends on your skin type an specific concerns. I’ve recommended and seen results from clients of all ages, skin types and ethnicities-its an easy preventative and corrective product that everyone can benefit from!
Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup: Lip Fixation
So many products in this line to love. But if I must pick one, my current favorite is the Lip Fixation Lip Stain and Lip Gloss Combo-in the color Devotion. Stains can be tricky but this one doesn’t dry out your lips with the gloss over top containing Vitamin E to hydrate. I actually used the stain as a cheek color and highlight above my crease on my eye-this color is bright and beautiful! 
Oi all in one milk
Why you love it? The leave in has so many benefits packed in one jar! Including a serum, leave in conditioner, heat styling and UVB protection
How you use it? Use it on towel dried hair after the shower
Purifying Gel Cleanser
Why you love it? This cleanser definitely helps clear out your pores and prevent breakouts. I love it the most because your skin does not feel stripped or dry after using. It also helps remove makeup
How you use it? I use it twice a day once in the morning and once at night. 
Amazing Matte Finishing Powder
Why you love it? Pretty straight forward- provides a matte finish to your freshly applied face and prevents oiliness throughout the day as well
How you use it? I apply it at the end of my makeup routine to set everything in, and i’ll do some touch ups with a loose brush throughout the day. 
Oi all in one milk is a moisturizing milk that heals from the inside out.  Great detangler and not heavy on the hair.
Refresh Facial Polish exfoliates the face without being too harsh on the skin and your face feels purified after.  
Jane Iredale bronzer comes in different shades and adds a nice highlighter affect.
The new Natural Tech Renew Family from Davines not only keeps my hair silky and shiny it’s also improved my curl! I love using it with the conditioner first to pre wash, then shampoo and finish with the conditioner as a mask for 3-5 minutes. 
The Forever Red lip and cheek stain, I’m all about ease and getting ready in 5-10 minutes. This not only keeps my lips hydrated but it’s perfect to add a little color for my cheeks as a cream blush. 
Sensitive Skin SPF 50 is a must for my fair complexion. It prevents me from burning and it’s light weight so it doesn’t clog my pores. I put on in the morning before my makeup as a moisturizer and it helps my makeup glide on. 
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