Sloan Stiles
    Level 3 Master Stylist Coming this July 2017
    Level 3 Master Stylist Coming this July 2017

    I was originally born in Chicago but was raised mostly in central Florida and ever since I was about 14 I missed the changing of seasons and a city atmosphere, so after much deliberation it was decided, Denver Colorado! I’m so excited to be here and get my hands in some hair and start getting to know our new community. Somewhere around age eleven I started playing with fun hair colors and fell in love with bright vivid crazy colors. I also have a lot of experience and enjoy more natural hair colors, wether it’s grey coverage, a full head of balayage or anything in between. I love the ability to do something different on everyone, everyday.

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    Q: If you could choose any era to live in what would it be?
    A: Honestly right now, I embrace new technology.

    Q: My favorite thing about my job is?
    A: It allows me to constantly learn, not just about hair but from everyone I come in contact with.

    Q: When I’m not doing hair my favorite thing to do is?
    A: Eat, eat, and eat with friends 😂

    Q: If I could do anything in the world and money didn’t matter what would it be?
    A: Constantly travel

    Q: If you could live anywhere where would it be?
    A: All over the place!

    • “everyone I personally dealt with are earnest and at the top of their game. at this salon it’s obvious each and every one aim to please.”

      Carol M
    • “I love going to Let Em Have It Salon. It’s a fun and artistic atmosphere, where I can go to relax, feel inspired, and get some gorgeous hair! I’ve had three stylists work on my hair and each one has done a fabulous job. I’ve never been disappointed. Frankly, I’m excited that I don’t have to salon-hop anymore to find the perfect place. Thanks guys!”

      Grace Nichols D