What is Royal Jelly?

By Michaela Specht

Royal Jelly is a honey bee secretion that’s used in the nutrition of larvae as well as adult queens. It’s secreted from the worker bees and fed to larvae. It also helps the queen bee to develop ovaries needed to lay eggs.

The product gets it’s name from the fact that bees use it for development of nurturing. It’s rich in protein, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, high in B-1, B-2, B-6, C, E, Biotin and Folic Acid.

Royal Jelly can be used to treat asthma, hay fever, liver disease, pancreatitis, PMS, stomach ulcers, kidney disease, bone fractures, menopausal symptoms, skin disorders and high cholesterol.

We love it for all of this and it’s ability to hydrate and eliminate scalp dryness. The Royal Jelly treatment will open up your follicles to allow for absorption of its many nutrients. The Protein and amino acids will rejuvenate the scalp and help to restore damaged hair. The biotin in royal jelly helps produce keratin, the building block of hair and folic acid promotes healthy growth of skin.

Our Davines Royal Jelly Superactive is a perfect scalp treatment to alleviate tightness in dry dehydrated scalps. It will provide circulation to promote hair growth and refresh your follicles.

Since royal jelly is thermolabile and unstable in solution, royal jelly is freeze-dried i.e. dehydrated through fast freezing: this treatment preserves all its characteristics for a long time. Book a royal jelly with any hair cut for $15 or on it’s own for $25. A quick 15 minute appointment that will rejuvenate your scalp!

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