Free Spirit Bandits Bandana


The Artist: Sam Dunn (South East London, UK)

Sam Dunn is a freelance designer and illustrator originally from Hartlepool, England and currently based in South East London. Her colorful, incredibly detailed illustrations are influenced by British skate/punk culture and the hard-charging music that serves as it's soundtrack. In addition to concert poster prints for bands like Mastodon and Alkaline Trio, Sam has created designs for skateboards, bikes, and even bathing suits.

Instagram: @xsamdunnx

Facebook: @samdunnillustration

The Design: "Free Spirit"

When conceiving "Free Spirit," Sam aimed to create an emblem for a truly free-spirited character, or an "Outlaw" in the more modern sense of the word. She imaged someone who led a life not following the usual social norms, a person who sought out their own path rather than chasing what is expected. 

The Charity: Parkinson's UK (London, UK)

Parkinson's UK is a London-based organization that provides supportive care for people in the UK living with Parkinson's Disease. Each year, Parkinson's UK helps thousands of people suffering from this disease by providing dedicated support for patients in the form of local advisors, one-on-one counseling, peer groups, online resources, and more.