Celebrate Black History Month

For Black History month we are donating 5% of our proceeds from our black women owned businesses to The Okra project.

The Okra Project is a collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people by bringing home cooked, healthy, and culturally specific meals and resources to Black Trans People wherever we can reach them.

During the Middle Passage, our African ancestors snuck okra onto captive ships to sustain themselves and plant in the new world. Black Diasporic cooking traditions often use the okra plant for its versatility and it is often associated with health, prosperity, and community. In this spirit, The Okra Project hopes to extend free, delicious, and nutritious meals to Black Trans people experiencing food insecurity.

Check out the Black Women Owned Businesses we carry: 

Adventurist Soap Co: 

Hi! My name is Daina and I am the proud owner of Adventurist Soap Co. I live in Morrison, CO, home to the world famous Red Rocks amphitheater! I founded Adventurist Soap Co. in March of 2020 (Yes, right before the pandemic closures) and although it was a slow start, I am in awe at how much its grown! I built Adventurist on the belief that outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship foster happiness. 

All Very Goods: 

All Very Goods is based in Washington DC. We started the company with the simple idea that we wanted to create beautiful, high end goods with a focus on representation. We use history, illustrations, graphic design, textile patterns and symbols from Africa, Asia and Europe to create products that are visual metaphors for a shared African American history and present experience. The bandanas are intended to be a conversation with the wearer about identity, culture and personal mythology. Essentially, how we become who we are because of and in spite of the influences around us.

Brigitte Thompson:

Brigitte Thompson sees art as a vehicle to explore the complex relationships individuals have with reality, the hyper-real, and the imaginary. To her art is a form of therapy that can be used to release emotions, create energy, and generate discussion. In this way she is able to communicate concepts and ideas about reality that may be hard to articulate through any other means.

“My work focuses on the boundaries that set us apart in life and what lies in between them. Through my art I try to visually manifest this realm, this realm of what cannot be seen, but affects us nonetheless. The colors of our emotions, the beauty of the soul, and the bonds that keep us tethered to one another.”


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