Monthly Box Subscription


We know times are tough, and staying at home can get a little groundhog day! We're spicing things up with our new subscription box sets, curated to inspire, empower and renew your spirit! 

There are lots of box sets these days, and we wanted to find items that are sustainable, ethical, small batch and align with our values. To give you the best with no compromise to our planet or to the people that created them.

Every month we'll offer up a different theme. For the first quarter of 2021 we're focusing our energy on restoring our soul and giving ourselves a little love and empowerment after a long 2020 of challenges and growing pains! 

January's box includes items to help you detox, recenter and ground yourself for a good start to a new year. Detoxifying bath, inspirational reading material, organic tea, mug and Palo Santo. We can add a greeting card and we're happy to fill it out if you're gifting it to someone. 

Limited Edition: WTF Is Happening Inauguration Box. We're excited to move on from the shit show, and counting down to Inauguration day!

This box includes: A Personal Light Ceremony Tool Kit is focused on Light Healing One long 7" rough cut Selenite Wand Two hand-dipped made in a Catholic monastery beeswax candles One hand-dipped Organic Vanilla or Amber incense stick A beautiful dried flower Rose or Posie tied in a Velvet ribbon with a Ceremony Card to remind us to Care for Ourselves
Made in United States of America 

Craft Boner " Happy New Year" greeting Card, "Plans for World Domination notepad", Batch non-alcoholic cocktail and a candle from Malicious Women. Choose 1 candle from the following photos. Only 1 Left $65

February's is the month of love, and we thought why not be your own Valentine! 
This box will deliver a sensual experience full of roses and jasmine. This box will be a variation of;  Bubble taffy bath bombs, love potion books, empathy postcards, facial masks, perfumes, and a batch non-alcoholic sparkling beverage you can add your own bubbles to. 


March is all about women's empowerment! Now that you've restored and gave yourself a little love, it's time to refocus and feel empowered to fight another day! 

This box includes variations of journals, grown ass women notepads, empowerment candles, coffee beans, a mug.

Products vary from box to box so you are always getting something unique. All of the boxes are valued at $75 with 3-4 high quality products in each box and we are offering them as a member for $65! 

When you sign up as a member you'll receive 3-4 new products every month. You have the option to skip a month or pause your membership.