Malicious Women Candle Co

Malicious Women Candle Co. isn't just about the sass and good smells. Our story begins with Laura, a dear friend of Malicious Women's founder, Lacie. When Lacie lost her “Heart Friend” Laura to suicide, she was driven to do something for those who might be suffering.

The Warrior collection is all about our strength, our coping mechanisms, our honesty about what it's like to struggle. We have to be able to embrace the humor as well—there are times that we get to spinning and need to remind ourselves to "Calm the Fuck Down!" Our " I Told My Therapist Candle About You" is based on Lacie's therapist's recommendation to "Let That Shit Go."  Our "Anxiety Girl" is learning to embrace the crazy—because just got to say "F It!"

Each candle we create is inspired by Laura: her kindness, her strength, humor & maliciousness. The Warrior candle is a reminder that our stories aren't over. Lacie made this candle with the hope of sharing it with the rest of you—to remind us all we are more than what we battle. This candle is for those of us that are still fighting, and those brave Warriors who have left us. This is our candle and we want to share it with all of you

Candles scented with sass! Woman owned company. Ethically made, hand-poured candles scented with custom fragrances and a touch of Maliciousness.