Mountain vs Plains

Welcome to the Mountain vs Plains shop. My name is Paul. I hope you are enjoying the cards and that you are not too deeply offended or disgusted! If you are, I apologize...but I can assure you that my mother hates them more than you do. Maybe that helps...?

Anyhow, I started Mountain vs Plains in the great city of Denver in 2011. Upon returning to my home state from Austin, I felt absolutely compelled to create art full time and pursue my artistic dreams. The last several years have been such an amazing experience, and I've been so lucky to be surrounded by such a neat creative community here in Denver.

My hope is that my creations help lighten your day and make you laugh out loud (LOL) and even maybe that they make you roll on the floor laughing at some point! (Just use "ROTFL" if you are going to describe to someone that you are rolling on the floor while laughing.)

Regardless, I hope you enjoy yourself and please let me know if you need more marmalade. I'll be coming by with marmalade refills every hour.

Thank you and take care,

Paul Michel

Mountain vs Plains

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