Your Hair Assistant

Your Hair Assistant is an integrated system of products and tools created to bring new life to the blow-drying service. Products are specifically formulated to help bring all creative expressions to life, offering excellent performance through all stages of the blow-drying process.

The formulas are the result of the combination of the talent and experience of Angelo Seminara, Davines artistic director and world-famous hairstylist, with the scientific knowledge of our Research Labs. Products do not contain sulphates or parabens.

Heat protection, shorter drying time and frizz-free hair: these are the essential features of the Your Hair Assistant products, ensuring perfectly blow-dried hair. The line is intended to be used like a regimen: each product prepares the hair for the next; intensifying the result of the previous product.

Tools designed to enhance the products’ performance and encourage you to express yourself freely through your styling skills.

Focusing on the pink and black contrast with a glossy finish, the packaging is also eco-friendly as we offset the carbon dioxide emissions produced to make it.