COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Health Check 

The health of our team, our customers and our community comes first before services. We will be sending out a COVID-Waiver prior to your service, to ensure you haven't been experiencing any cold like symptoms. We will also be checking your temperature upon arrival. If you are higher than 99 F you will asked to leave. 

We will not be penalizing for any last minute cancellations due to being sick. Please provide us with information as soon as possible so we can adjust our schedules accordingly. 

We will be recording and documenting our teams temperature every night at the end of each shift. If they have a temperature higher than 99F we will be accommodating you with another stylist, unless you choose to reschedule. 

We're Vaccinated  

All of our team members have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Masks Are Required:

Masks are required regardless of vaccination status during your visit. If you have any COVID, Flu symptoms you are required to reschedule your service. If you have been exposed to someone that has tested positive, or have traveled internationally in the last 14 days please present a negative test result prior to your service, or you will be required to reschedule. 


Cleaner Air

We use an ion air purifier in each space to clear the air from bacteria and pollutants. 

We are offering the option to naturally style your hair with an infrared light heat therapy dryer instead of a blowout if you feel more comfortable.  This type of light is known to boost your immunity, enhance your mood, help in recovery and help with hair growth.  If you would prefer a blow out finish, please indicate and we'll ensure you're booked for enough time. 

Sanitation Station

Upon entering we provide a sanitation station for all of our customers. Here we will offer a cool or warm essential oil towel to wash your hands, your temp will be taken and hands sprayed with sanitizer. Disposable masks can be provided if you're receiving a color service.

Each area will be disinfected after each use 

Covering all Bases

Stylist will sanitize prior to your service. At each station we will provide spray disinfectant, hand sanitizers, disposable gloves, disposable or cloth masks, and an empty container for all discarded tools that will be disinfected after each client. 

Sanitation Certification 

Our team has gone through an online certification. We are also training on all aspects of our new guidelines and will be documenting them in a video to better inform you. 

Stylist Area

We have provided the stylist with all new combs, clips, capes, and all other tools that will be in containers with a lid and they will only be taking out what they need.

Each stylist with their own styling products at each station, this will ensure only one person has handled the product. 


We have equipped our bathroom with an automatic paper towel dispenser, soap dispenser, and touch-less hand sanitizer. We will also disinfect through out the day. 

Limited Waiting Area Seating 

We have reconfigured our salon to allow for social distancing and have eliminated our front waiting area. This will limit the amount of surfaces that need to be disinfected. Please do not bring your children, family, friends. Anyone that is not getting a service will need to stay at home. 

Payment Options 

We will be using our website for checking out all services/products and adding gratuity. If you're not sure how to do it, we will have a IPAD for you to use. 


We accept most forms of payment except cash, checks and money orders.