Adventurist Soap Co: Local Soaps


Carefully crafted with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that your skin loves and craves! Formulated with enough cleansing power for even your dirtiest expeditions, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

High quality at an affordable rate. As we work closer to the "perfect" company, we want to thank you for choosing us to be your soap supplier!

Morning Dew: This bar is revitalizing and refreshing. We blend cedarwood, eucalyptus, lemongrass and rosemary essential oils to make Morning Dew. And because we love exfoliants, we added some poppy seeds too. Nope. They're not just for baking with anymore. Give yourself a wake up massage with Morning Dew!

Wanderlust: Sweet and smooth mix of Lavender and Chamomile essential & fragrance oils. This bar presents a calm and relaxing scent profile, perfect for when you want to wind down. 

 Revive: This is probably one of our most popular bars because of its relaxing scents of eucalyptus and geranium. We blend Revive with rose petals to give you a nice exfoliation.

Continental Divide: Continental Divide is a sweet and sultry fusion of rich amber with undertones of juniper. This one is an absolute HIT! That's why we've decided to take it from our seasonal favorite to our all time favorite! Don't let its simple design fool you this bar is packed with complex blends of sweet, earthy and rich notes! 

FourteenerOur Fourteener bar soap is modeled after Colorado's infamous fourteener peaks. Made up of Amber, Oakmoss & Vetiver Fragrances. It appeals to both masculine and feminine sensibilities with musk & earthy qualities that create a soothing, uplifting & calming aroma. 

Spring Hike: This fantastic bar is scented with Bayberry, Cypress and White Birch fragrances.

Spiced Pumpkin Patch: Made with our awesome base oils, spiced pumpkin fragrances, clove, cinnamon, calendula, coffee grounds and aloe! Let me just say that this bar smells just like spiced pumpkin pie!

Base Camp: This fantastic bar of soap is made with our moisturizing recipe blend of six different oils. We love this bar because of its sweet and uplifting scent of spearmint and the unique earthy tones of patchouli. Although, they may not seem like a likely pairing, this bar is such a unique and awesome blend. 

Himalayan Sea Salt: Himalayan pink salt has many benefits including reducing stress, reducing the signs of aging and even improving sleep! Himalayan pink salt soap helps draw out impurities in your skin, reduces inflammation and it even replenishes your skin's moisture! This bar is very exfoliating to help remove dead skin cells and leaving your skin more youthful and glowing!

Tibetan Patchouli: Formally known as Tree Hugger, Tibetan Patchouli is our patchouli bar for our patchouli lovers out there. Even if you don't love patchouli, you'll love this bar. We blend Bergamot, Cedarwood & Patchouli essential oils to bring you an earthy, woodsy and citrus bar. Loved by men and women!

Colorado Trail: The Colorado Trail bar is scented with lavender & peppermint essential oils. We love its revitalizing and refreshing blend of nourishing oils.