Celestial Warrior Bandana


The Artist: Hayden Walker (Portland, Oregon)

Hayden Walker is an illustrator and graphic designer with a specialty in logo and branding design. After graduating from Abilene Christian University's School of Art and Design, he moved to Portland where he now works with multidisciplinary studio Blend Design Co. 

Whether it be nature, humanity, or even the mundane minutiae of everyday life, Hayden explained that his immediate environment often inspires his designs.  Originally encouraged into the arts by his carpenter/painter Grandpa, and citing influences ranging from designer Paul Rand to artist Josef Albers, Hayden has developed a clean, straightforward, and economical style. His talent for conveying layered messages with geometric simplicity and a minimalist aesthetic is evident in his ever-growing portfolio of graphics and branding elements. 

In addition to his work at Blend, Hayden's designs have been featured by Portland Monthly Magazine, Independence Brewery, and 50 States Supply. 

Instagram: @haydenwalkerdesign

Dribbble: @haydenwalkerdesign


The Design: "Celestial Warrior"

In the late 1800's, tribes in the Pacific Northwest region that Hayden now calls home lived under constant threat from the U.S. Army and a government hell-bent on Westward expansion. Perhaps most well known among the tribes, several bands of the Nez Perce refused to comply with an 1876 order by General Oliver Otis Howard to move from their ancestral lands to a reservation, effectively making them Outlaws in eyes of the United States.

Between June and October 1877, during the historic "Flight of the Nez Perce" - a fighting retreat of over 1,000 miles from the Wallowa Mountains in Washington eastward through Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. A small number of Nez Perce warriors (estimated at less than 200) were able to defeat or hold off the U.S. Army in multiple battles during the flight, engaging with an estimated 2,000+ Army soldiers. 

After months of fighting, and hundreds of miles of trekking, the depleted and out-manned Nez Perce eventually surrendered on October 5, 1877. The day was immortalized by Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph's speech containing the famous line, "I will fight no more forever." 

Hayden's design pays tribute to the mystic and tenacious spirit of these brave warriors, the most legendary of American Outlaws. Together with BANDITS, his hope is to use this design to support the modern-day warriors fighting the constant battle for Native American rights in the U.S. today.

The Charity: Native American Rights Fund (Boulder, Colorado)

The Native American Rights Fund (NARF) is the oldest and largest nonprofit law firm dedicated to asserting and defending Native American rights. Since 1971, the NARF has provided legal assistance to Indian tribes, organizations, and individuals nationwide who might otherwise have gone without adequate representation.

Facebook: @NativeAmericanRightsFund

Web: www.narf.org

The Bandana 
Size:     21" x 21"
Fabric:  100% Organic Cotton, GOTS Certified and sustainably sourced in India from Chetna Organic, pre-washed for an extra soft feel
Make:   Printed, Cut, Sewn, and Packaged by hand at a Fair Trade Certified facility in Kolkata, West Bengal, India (FLOCERT FLO ID 4512)
Wash:   Hand Wash, Line or Tumble Dry, Warm Iron, Do Not Bleach
Please note that all of our bandanas are printed, cut, and sewn by hand. There may be slight variations from product to product.