Eduardo: Local Artist Greeting Cards



    Eduardo Vazquez, also known as Dreamer’s Path. An artistic entrepreneur, iPhoneographer, Hair Stylist, Activist, Marathon Runner, Outdoor aficionado & Adventure Seeker. However, Discover Eduardo Vazquez is more than that. His brand intertwines his life and his story with the art it produces. In order to fully understand Dreamer’s path work we must also take the PATH that he’s taken.  

    In 1992, Eduardo was born in Mexico City to a working class family who owned a shop providing juices and fresh fruit cocktails. At a time when thriving was becoming hard in a dense city, the Vazquez family began to be a target for crime in the neighborhood where they resided. Three different major assaults were experience by the family, almost leading to death. After the third experience, Eduardo’s father immigrated to the US in search of a much safer and prosperous opportunity. A few years later, Eduardo’s mother would follow with his younger sister. Two years after that Eduardo would join, and finally one year following, his older sister would be reunited with her family.

    Eduardo is a “DREAMer”, a term that has been used to describe young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children; who have lived and gone to school in the US; and who consider the United States their home. The Dream Act, standing for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, had been a bill in Congress since 2001; Several versions have been adapted from this bill, though, none have ever passed beyond the U.S. Senate. DREAMer also has a double meaning about the undocumented youth who have big hopes and dreams for a better future.

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In addition to his photography, he also creates delicious pressed juices called Integrity Juice