It's Thyme To Breathe: All About herbal facial steams


Have you ever wondered why herbal steams are a thing? 

Come experience a hot herbal facial or respiratory steam! We will explore why certain herbs are better than others and how to do it step by step, so you can do it yourself. 


Where: Let Em Have It Salon 

When: 12/8 5-7PM 

COVID Safety:

To stay safe we are closing the salon during this event and the event is private limited to 5 people, in addition to our team of 8. Please bring your vaccination card and or a negative COVID test. All attendees will be required to fill out our COVID waiver and to wear a mask.

If you don't have time to take a test, we have a rapid test we can provide, please show up 15 min early to take it in your car. 

We are doing demos with the facial steam, if you're interested in trying it, come with your face free from makeup. 

Investment: $15 can use towards Herbal Vice products