Let Em Have It Monthly Box Subscription


We know times are tough, and staying at home can get a little groundhog day! We're spicing things up with our new subscription box sets, curated to inspire, empower and renew your spirit! 

There are lots of box sets these days, and we wanted to find items that are sustainable, ethical, small batch and align with our values. To give you the best with no compromise to our planet or to the people that created them.

Every quarter we curate gift boxes with items from local and small batch makers ranging from $55-$85.  Save $10 when you subscribe 

Small Gift Box $45 2-3 Items ex: handcreme, candle, chocolate value $55)

Medium Gift Box $65 value $75 3-4 items, ex: perfume, candle, journal) This box is our monthly Box Subscription, subscribe for a monthly curated box and get first come on all limited edition one of a kind items

Large Gift Box $85 value $95 (4-5 items ex: perfume, essential oil spray, soap, hand creme)