3 Tips to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

3 Tips to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

Downsize your products 

Save your hair and skin by using high quality sustainable, organic ingredients and do a solid for the planet by downsizing how many products you use. If you nourish your hair with the moisture and protein it's missing, you don't need to get a bunch of products to cover up your hair challenges. 

We recommend a multi use serum that you can use to add moisture to your hair, face and body. Fallene's absolute favorite is Solar Eclipse by Herbal Vice. It has Organic infused Calendula, organic olive oil , sage, neroli,  mica (moon dust) 

Local & Organically Grown in Denver from Herbal Vice. Plus it comes in a glass bottle and is part of our Zero Waste Skin Care Refill box subscription program. 

Check Out More info HERE 

How to use: Add 2-3 drops emulsify on your hands and put directly on your face, body and use the remainder oil for your mids and ends. This oil absorbs beautifully into your skin and gives a healthy glow. It's also great for all skin and hair types. To promote hair growth, add 2 drops of serum to the Davines Renewing Superactive as a leave in hair treatment. The Renewing Superactive, helps to stimulate the scalp, adds shine and strengthens the hair. 

It can also be added to your bath for a relaxing soak. 


Wash less 

When we wash frequently it can strip the hair from it's natural oils which can make it over produce oil. Once you start washing once or twice a week you could have a transition period where your hair can be oily becoming acclimated to the new routine. Use a dry shampoo in between washes, and give it a month and you'll see how your hair texture changes for the better. We recommend incorporating a weekly scalp scrub like the Davines Sea Salt Scrub and the Innersense Detox Mask to exfoliate your scalp and hair from products, dead skin, pollution. If you have to rinse your hair you can rinse with water and use conditioner to seal down the cuticle, especially for curly hair types. Water has a higher PH which can dry the hair leaving it vulnerable to hair color fading and split ends. 


Use Solu Shampoo, Sea Salt Scrub once a week, and follow with a shampoo and conditioner recommended for your hair type. 

We offer a refill program to cut down on plastics, you can switch your shampoo and conditioner if you like to switch it up by the season. 

Check out our Zero Waste Refill Box HERE 


Embrace your natural texture 

Working with your hair and letting go of perfection will simplify your beauty routine. We all have things that drive us crazy, the way our bangs want to fall, cowlicks and inconsistent curl patterns, the list goes on. Once we learn how to embrace what makes us unique, we can start to see those challenges as beautiful and the expectation of how it needs to look becomes how can I enhance what I have. Try putting down the flat iron and picking up a little curl cream to enhance your gorgeous texture and embrace what makes you, you! 

If you would like to learn how to work with your curls book a curly hair session 

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