Client Spotlight - Sarah Hutcherson

Client Spotlight - Sarah Hutcherson

This month we wanted to feature our lovely client, Sarah. As soon as you go near Sarah, you can feel her warmth and kindness as a person. Sarah is a delight to have in our chair. In March, she was wonderful enough to come and help us with our Night for Nurses and offered her time showing us mindfulness with breath work. 


What are you known for in the Denver community?

I am known for writing, sustainability, mindfulness, and being the foodie of my friends and family. I am known for ice cream making, charcuterie board creations, and not being afraid of taking horizontal breaks whether at home or on the go.

What inspired you to get into your passion?
The understanding that I have only one life to live. When Covid-19 shut down my body, I ended up having very limited energy and numerous health issues. At that time, I told myself I would share my passion for finding joy in the present and simple things by helping people connect with their inner resilience.  
What advice do you wish you could give your younger self?
You don't need to prove your worth. You are brilliant and whole just as you, period. 
What kind of impact are you hoping to make in our world?
I sleep well at night when I make someone smile and help them realize they are more than enough the way they are. I hope that my presence helps others realize that all they need is right inside them. 
What are your hobbies?
Coloring, painting, listening to audiobooks, and having themed parties with my girlfriends    
What are your favorite forms of self care?
 I am a bit biased but breath work. I also love reiki and reflexology. And let's not forget laughter.  
Where are you from?
 Upstate New York 
 What is one of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in life?
 No is a complete sentence per Shonda Rhimes.  
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