Empowerment through Reiki with Shae Barger

Empowerment through Reiki with Shae Barger

As Shae approaches her 1 year anniversary with us next month, we can't help but notice how far she's grown personally and professionally. Reiki has dramatically improved Shae's life and we wanted to find out more about what Reiki is and what she loves about it in our team feature Empowerment through Reiki with Shae Barger

Over the last year I’ve really taken pride in expanding my personal growth to maintain a balanced and healthy life. During that time period, I wanted to change but didn’t know where to start. I heard something online about reiki and energy healing, I didn’t know much about it other than it was an alternative to therapy.

Reiki, when receiving Reiki, our bodies are able to experience deep relaxation and release of energy blockages. Chakras become balanced, meridians are cleared and stress symptoms subside. In this way, Reiki treats not only our physical body, but our mind and emotions. -Peace Bridge Reiki

I was immediately intrigued as my previous therapy sessions did not resonate with me. I never felt heard or listened to until I met Michel at Peace Bridge Reiki last August.

Reiki is energy healing using a universal energy through hands on techniques or virtual healing. I started out virtual and was a little skeptical as I only read about in person sessions. Michel was absolutely amazing at describing and walking me through any questions I had prior to my session and explained to me that reiki can be shared anywhere in the world using the universal energy we all have.

My intention for the 12 month long reiki membership was forgiveness. I started my journey wanting forgiveness for myself. I carried a lot of resentment and anger towards myself for actions I did, words I said, and for letting people treat me the way they did. I struggled with allowing myself to set boundaries and in return it was affecting everything in my life. Relationships, self care, personal development and even my professional life. I started to notice a different way of thinking after about 3 months into my membership.



I started to finally break through all the walls I had built up to protect myself. I've set healthy boundaries and habits but most importantly, I feel like I’ve found who I’m supposed to be. Even though my membership has ended, I’m continuing my reiki journey by becoming a reiki master level 1 practitioner. I owe a lot to Michel for embracing me with kindness and compassion and for pushing me out of my comfort bubble. I hope that one day I can help change someone’s life the way Michel did for mine.

Do you have experiences in getting Reiki or energy work? We would love to hear them! Share your stories and we'll feature you! 
If you're interested in learning more about Reiki, we're featuring Michel in our client spotlight, be sure to follow us on instagram @letemhaveitsalon you can also visit her website here https://peacebridgereiki.com/
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