Love to Nurses! Written by Angelica Beechum

Love to Nurses! Written by Angelica Beechum

Our main mantra in the salon is to let people have it and we want to let the nurse have love this month! We acknowledge nurses as the unsung heroes who continually to make miracles happen everyday. No lies told! We know doctors hold high esteem in the healthcare industry, and we also recognize it takes teams of hands on workers to assist the many hard working doctors all over the world. We spotlight the nurse as the assessors and observers who first examine patients. They evaluate symptoms, draw blood and other bodily fluids, prepare for exams and treatment, create care plans, and administer medications with precision. They do many things other industries cannot do.  They see through the eyes of compassion for every human life. Here’s to the health counselors, patient healers, and consistent voices of reason.


Let’s keep it real for a moment. Friends, family, and others you may know who are nurses admit to devoting many hours in schooling and passing exams. This position has to be earned and should not be taken for granted. On a personal note, I must sing my own praises for hospice nurses. It takes a special soul to care for the dying and comfort the loved ones who are saying a final goodbye. My father died of cancer 4 years ago and I still vividly remember the pain of saying goodbye. I also still remember the faces of the hospice nurses who cared for him as he passed away. There was an indescribable peace unlike any experience I had before. The nurses who were complete strangers became like family to me. On a positive note, we love and celebrate all nurses for not only what they do for us, but the kindred humility it takes to care for the lives of humanity.   

If you are a nurse, or know a healthcare worker, we are offering a night to pamper nurses. RSVP Here 

Written by Angelica Beechum

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