Our Coffee Shop, Torpedo Coffee Celebrates 3 Years!

Our Coffee Shop, Torpedo Coffee Celebrates 3 Years!

When Kyle decided to leave his corporate job of 20 years to jump into small business, he didn't know what to expect. Now celebrating 3 years of community, connection and coffee Torpedo survived the small business shutdown during the pandemic and thriving!
Fallene and Kyle have owned Let Em Have It Salon for 8 years and we are so proud of how well Torpedo is doing and the staple it's quickly become to the Park Hill Community. Continue reading the full interview, and stop by on Saturday to check out all Torpedo offers. https://torpedocoffee.com/ 



1. What are you known for in the Denver community?

We are known for our sense of community, great service and excellent coffee. Since the pandemic, we have become known for our house made breakfast burritos.


Spa Day for the Baristas 

Keeping the community safe through COVID

2. What advice do you wish you could give your younger self? Pay more attention to the food service jobs. Who would've known how useful those skills would be in later years both at home and in this new coffee shop adventure.

3. What kind of impact are you hoping to make in our world? I am hoping to make a place that helps people to try and experience different things that they may not have been aware of before. Whether that is a new coffee, different artwork, an obscure band, new flavor combinations, different perspectives, etc, the world is richer when we share our discoveries with each other.
4. What is one of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in life? No regrets, only lessons learned. Don't hold onto the past, keep looking forward.
Torpedo Coffee during the build out
5. How has Torpedo evolved since opening 3 years ago? While we are still very focused on coffee and providing an excellent coffee experience, we have tried to listen to our customers and add other food options.  We have continued to be a community gathering place adding pop up markets, book signings and participating in block parties and other community events.  
6. What has been the biggest challenge in managing a business through this pandemic? Supplies and distribution.  We pivoted to making a lot of food in house, such as our breakfast burritos, scones, muffins and others, but this can be challenging as the pandemic has caused supply shortages.  If anything, the pandemic has helped us to be creative finding alternative supplies and making things ourselves.  
This is what happens when your wife writes the blog! 
7. What's something that people wouldn't guess about you? I'm a big softy, we have 4 cats and I like chilling in the garden.  Looking at me, a lot of people are surprised that I am a cat guy.  Whatever, they are the cutest!
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