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Supporting Small Businesses During Covid

The holidays are quickly approaching and supporting small businesses has never become more crucial than it is today. With limited capacity and strict guidelines it's become harder and harder for small businesses to keep their doors open. 

Collaborating with others to create a strong community of locally owned businesses that are creating a positive impact in the lives of their workers and customers is the backbone of what Let Em Have It is all about.

Seeing our favorite storefronts permanently close their doors and others struggling to keep their doors open while we ride out this pandemic has inspired us to take action. 


We were so happy to see the support at Beetbox vegan bakery before they closed. It breaks our heart to see these incredible places have to shut down!

Kyle & Fallene Wells, owners of Let Em Have It Salon, Torpedo Coffee and Close Quarters all service based small brick & mortar businesses, we know the struggle is real and we want to offer our support however we can to collaborate and promote local businesses. 

We wanted to share with you how we're supporting small businesses and what you can do to support small business that won't break the bank! 



1. For us to recommend businesses to our customers we want to make sure they are doing their part to lower the spread and practice COVID Guidelines established by the CDC. We created an online quiz, and we're sharing it with local businesses. 

2. We've created an online business directory to share local businesses we love and why we love them, check out our directory HERE. 

3. We're visiting local businesses every week to interview, take photos of their place and share their story with our followers. Be sure to follow us on Instagram! 

This week's feature Torpedo Coffee & Alchemy Ritual Goods, check out their Interview HERE. 

4. We're offering 10% off with us when you show us your digital receipt from a featured business!

5. We're purchasing gifts at their shop for them to give away to their customers. It's easy, you can purchase a coffee for the person behind you in line to get started. 


Leave a positive review. This costs nothing and it helps potential customers find out about the business, plus it gives everyone at the business warm fuzzies that they are doing a great job! 


Refer your friends. Help out by letting your friends, family, and your followers on your social pages know about this business. 


Shop online.  Move over Amazon, you've got some competition! More and more small businesses are now online. 

Evaluate your purchases and instead of ordering from big corporations online, choose a small business to support that has something similar. Instead of eating out at a big chain, call and order pickup at a local restaurant. 

Lastly, think about the impact you are making in someones life when you support a small business. Most of the time people take the risk to open a small business because they care about their community. They care about the difference they make in their employees lives, supporting non-profits, volunteering, and the impact they have on the planet. 

This season, think about how we can give the gift of compassion, spread kindness and support your local community. 

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