Sustainability, Green, Eco Friendly. We have all heard these buzzwords a ton over the last few years. But what does it actually mean to live a more sustainable, world friendly lifestyle? And how do we know if the products and businesses that claim to be green, actually are? We are going to take you through a few things you can do to live a more eco conscious lifestyle and how to determine if a brand or business is doing their part. 


Utilizing refillable containers, and visiting your local refill shop to replenish is the #1 thing you can implement right now.  This is from anything like glass cleaner, hand soap/lotion to your laundry detergent! 700 million detergent jugs are tossed away within a year in the US alone! If you are local to the Denver area here are a few of our favorite spots to REFILL

Composting your food scraps is another amazing way to help alleviate landfill waste. Denver offers composting weekly and they accept everything from food scraps and yard waste to even soiled paper like that pizza box and your paper towels! You can cut your trash waste down by 75% using this service.


Here we get to talk about our zero waste box that we launched in November! We offer a quarterly LITERALLY 0 waste subscription service for hair, skin and home products! Let us break down the different options for you. 


Full size Davines or Innersense shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. 

A nourishing and moisturizing hair 4oz mask jar. 

Davines leave in Nourishing spray.



Local Denver Herbalist company (Herbal Vice) Hydrosal, facial/body oil

2 bars of soap and 1 chapstick by local maker Adventurist Soap Company


Humble Suds glass spray bottle, with 2 all purpose cleaning concentrates

1 Custom Let Em Have It scented candle (sandalwood, vanilla and  tobacco for ultimate cozy vibes) by our favorite local candle gal at Pot Head Planters

These boxes support small, local, women, POC, and indigenous amazing human makers.

So how are we offering this as 0 waste? With the option for pick up or delivery, you send or bring us the empty bottles in the box you received from us when you are all out. We provide you with a label to slap on and send right back if you choose delivery. Then your items are refilled, and sent back in the original box. When the box eventually breaks down, it will be recycled and composted. 

Subscribe here.


The very best way to be earth friendly with your style is THRIFTING! Denver and the surrounding area has so many amazing thrift stores from your everyday essential brands to even high end!

Strawberry Mountain We love the Deja Blu Boutique location in Cherry Creek!

Rags Consignment

If the idea of wearing pre-loved clothing gives you an ick then maybe shopping sustainable clothing brands is better for you! When shopping for green brands make sure to do your research. A few key things to look for are fair wage garment production, disclosed factories, vegan and fair trade fabrics. 


United By Blue

Riley Studio

Shop Redone

Big Bud Press 



Alright, we have to say it. Being vegan, vegetarian or just meat consumption conscious helps the world so, so much! Your greenhouse gas emissions are cut down by 50% when you go vegetarian. If you implement just 2-3 days of being meat free in your daily lifestyle the emissions drop like crazy and your footprint is lessened.

Some of our local favorite places 

Water Course

City O City

Green Collective Eatery

Fire on the Mountain

Zero Clucks Given

Packing your lunches = No delivery vehicles being used, no plastic containers and silverware and $$ saved by you!

Written by Kelsey Moore

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