Do you need a scalp detox?

Do you need a scalp detox?

What is a scalp detox? 

A scalp detox can be a variety of things, from a scalp treatment at the salon, or using a gentle exfoliating clarifying shampoo, to using a superactive serum to help stimulate the scalp. 

How do you know if your scalp needs a detox? Is it itchy, dry, irritated, or all of the above? Or maybe your hair is just feeling dull and lifeless. Your scalp sheds dead skin cells too, just like your skin, and needs to be exfoliated at least once a month to stimulate the hair follicle. Healthy hair starts at the scalp! 

Using products that have wax and silicones can trap dead skin and build up that can cause excessive shedding which can lead to hair loss. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo that helps remove build up at least once a week! We also offer several treatments to help you keep your scalp and hair at its best. 

Who benefits from it?

Everyone can benefit from a scalp detox. If your scalp is not living its best life, then most likely your hair isn’t either. People who use a lot of products, or those who shampoo everyday will definitely benefit from a scalp detox. If you can't get in for a treatment, your best option is using our Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser once a week at home. Another great option is our renewing pro boost serum superactive. 

Renewing Proboost Serum Superactive

You can apply this product from scalp to ends comb/leave in. You can softly massage it into the scalp to stimulate it even more. You can use this product on damp, clean hair. This product is great for maintaining the well-being of all scalps and hair types while also providing preventive anti aging benefits. Well what's in it that makes it so great? The Davines NaturalTech line uses phytoceuticals, which is basically plant medicine that consists of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-free radicals. These are high performing active ingredients designed for prevention and treatment. The hair longevity complex in this product contains Maqui berry extract, spinach extract, and carnosine. 

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If you are able to get in for a scalp treatment with us, you have the following options that will leave your scalp feelings amazing: 

-Exfoliate your follicles with a renewing scalp treatment that would be applied and rinsed out followed by a conditioner that best fits your hair needs.

-Remove buildup with our revitalizing, regenerating, and detoxifying products for scalps lacking tone and hair stressed by environmental factors with our Mud treatment. This will be applied to damp hair and scalp, left on for 15 minutes, followed by a shampoo and conditioner that will meet your needs. 

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During your consultation you and your stylist can talk about what your scalp and hair needs, and they are great at recommending the best products and treatment for you. 

And don’t forget we offer a refill program to cut down on plastic waste! (CLICK ME) You can get your favorite shampoo/conditioner, or even switch it up!


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