Curly Hair Sessions

We offer specialty services to get the most out of your curls and learn how to love and embrace your natural texture!

Please come with your curls set, free of tangles, buns, braids, clips and ponytails. Price is determined by the amount of time reserved. If more time is required the cost of the service will increase. 

Please follow the steps under Get Started to book a service. 

First Time Curly Experience 

Perfect service to understand how to style and care for your curls. Come with your curls set, free from tangles, buns, braids, pony tails and clips. We'll cut and shape your hair dry. Followed by a detox scalp treatment to stimulate your follicles for healthy hair growth and a hydration treatment on mids to ends to rejuvenate your curls. We will then shape and set your curls to get the most bounce, shine and fullness out of your curls.

Estimated Duration: 3 hour session  Investment:  $210 

Estimated Duration: 4 hour session  Investment  $280


Established Curl Enthusiast

This is a follow up to your first time curly experience or if you're already experienced in how to care for your curls. Please come with your curls set, free of tangles, buns, braids, ponytails or clips. We will shape and cut your curls dry, followed by a shampoo and set your curls. 

Estimated Duration: 1 hour session, recommended for short length with fine to medium density  Investment: $70  Maintenance: 10 weeks 

Estimated Duration: 1.5 hours, recommended for medium lengths fine to medium density Investment: $105  Maintenance: 12 weeks 

Estimated Duration: 2 hour session is for longer lengths with medium to thick density  Investment: $140  Maintenance: 12 weeks 

Detox & Rehydrate Curls 

Includes a scalp detox to stimulate your hair follicles for healthy hair growth, a hydrating hair mask on your mids and a set and style to give your curls shine, fullness and bounce. 

Estimated Duration: 1.5 hours Investment: $105


Wash N Go Curly Lesson 

Learn how to get the best out of your curls and love them. We'll go through what to use, how to wash your hair to maximize hydration, how to style and set your curls at home for the best results.

Estimated Duration: 1.5 hours $140


Twist Outs 

Includes a clarifying treatment, shampoo, and twisting your hair to have a better defined curl and softer shinier texture. 

Estimated Duration: 1 hour session  Investment: $70 

Estimated Duration: 1.5 hour session  Investment: $105

Estimated Duration: 2 hour session  Investment: $140


Hair Painting for Curly Hair

Get a natural and softer grow out with a free hand painting technique. Color or lightener is applied directly onto the curl pattern using minimal tension to provide the most custom result for your curl. 

Recommended to maintain every 5-6 months. Book a shine gloss 2 hour session in between every 8 weeks to maintain the tone of your color 

$75 per hour, amount of time determined at the consultation