Gender Neutral Haircuts

All of our pricing is gender neutral and based around the time it takes to provide the service, not your gender. Our cost per hour is $85 and fashion/corrective colors are $100 per hour. 
These prices are estimates and could change depending on the length and thickness of your hair, your starting color and desired outcome. 
We ask that you call or text us at 720-638-4619. Please send a photo of your current look and the look you'd like to achieve and we'll help you book the correct amount of time. 

Bang Trim 15 min Session 

We offer a complimentary bang trim, or neck clean up in between your service. First time with us, you can still book a bang trim. 
Duration: 15min  Investment:  $21.25  Maintenance: 4-6 weeks

Short Hair (Chin & Up): 

This service is if you have chin length hair, a short pixie or a barber cut. If you are going from long hair and making a change to a short cut please book a longer session. If you have thick hair and it's chin length we would recommend you book a 60 min session. 
Duration: 45min  Investment:  $63.75  Maintenance: 5 weeks 

Medium Length Hair (Below Chin to Collarbone) 

We consider a medium length cut when it's past chin length to collar bone, or if you have thick hair that requires more time. 
Duration: 60min  Investment:  $85  Maintenance: 8 weeks 

Long Length Hair Cut (Past Collarbone) 

We consider long hair when it's past your collar bone or for coarse thick hair that requires more time. 
Duration: 1hr 15min  Investment:  $106.50  Maintenance: 12 weeks 

Straight Razor Cut (Shag)

This cut is perfect for people looking for a soft, organic, lived in style. Razor cuts can be suitable for most textures and provide lots of movement, and minimal finishing. 
Duration: 1hr 15min   Investment:  $106.50  Maintenance: 12 weeks 

Natural Curly Cut 

This is a cut to book, if you primarily wear your hair curly and would like for it to be shaped to get the best out of your texture. Please arrive with your curls set, free from tangles, buns, braids or ponytails. Your hair will be cut dry, shampooed and set and reshaped. 

Duration: 1- 3 hours depending on hair length and density (thickness)

Investment: $85 and up

Maintenance: 8-12 weeks depending on length, density and curl