About Us

Why Choose Us

We ensure that every company behind every product we use – whether it’s a beverage or a hair color – aligns with our values. We're committed to using our business as a force for good. We integrate social and environmental responsibility into all aspects of our workplace. Enlisting ethical business practices, we offer a positive, flexible environment that encourages creativity and lifelong learning. We pay it forward by volunteering our time and donating resources to local charities we support. When we inspire our clients with the joy of making positive impact on the world, we’re succeeding. 


vintage poster of navy man handling equipment on a ship with the text 'Let em have it''

Our Story

Fashion is Fallene's passion. Inspired from a navy poster, "Let Em Have It" was originally the name of Fallene’s fashion design label. The honest message resonated with her. Always challenging the status quo, and letting people have an authentic, compassionate experience.
While Fallene was producing annual fashion shows, she was also starting her hair journey. In 2003 the completed an apprenticeship program at The Parlour in Denver. She worked at 3 Salons over 10 years. She was disappointed in the industry, so she decided to open Let 'Em Have it Salon, where she could ensure ethical business practices. 
ginko leaf

Our Values 

We offer a lifestyle that’s built on compassion for our planet and everyone in it. Let Em Have It Salon (LEHIS), represents our values: 


Lead by example. Empower yourself to become the leader of your own life, to hold yourself accountable and live each day with intention.  


Never stop learning, have a beginners mind, stay curious and hungry for knowledge.


Hungry to become remarkable 


Color outside the lines, set trends don’t follow them. 


Keep our planet as beautiful as the hair we create.
    So what does the Gingko leaf symbolize? We use the ginkgo leaf as a symbol for our company because it's a symbol of longevity, we're timeless and here to stay, along with protection, we protect what's unethical for the world and our planet, strength, we're stronger together and endurance, we're resilient, and will thrive no matter the challenge!