About Us


There are salons everywhere you turn. How do you know which salon you should trust with your image. You are already beautiful and we can help you discover your natural beauty by creating a look that is personalized just for you. In addition to providing a customized service, here are a few things that make us a little different. 


Service Names Not Required

By taking out the service names it allows us to truly design a look suitable to your hair texture, lifestyle, maintenance plan and budget. It allows us to be the concierge of your salon experience and reserve the correct amount of time based on your current look and your desired result. As a Benefit & B Corporation, we believe in providing transparency to our customers.  We charge for the amount of time your session will take and not for bowls of color, technique or the level of experience. There will be no add-on fees, which allows us to provide a better customer experience. 

Commitment to Inclusivity

Hair has no gender.  Because  our pricing is based on time we don't refer to our cuts as "men's" or "women's."Instead we book sessions based on the length/thickness of your hair and what you are trying to achieve. We educate ourselves on understanding all hair types and welcome all ethnicities, gender, non-binary and the LGBTQ+ community. 

Silent Appointment

Not feeling up to talking during your visit? Your service is about you, if you want to talk we’re happy to converse. If you’d like the time to decompress and read, or use it to zone out, you can do that too. Request a “Silent Appointment” at check in, and we’ll let your stylist know. They’ll perform a consultation, let you know what they are using, then follow your lead if you’d like to chat. 

Our Team Based Culture 

We are a team based salon.  Our team members are employees and are paid a salary. They don’t make commission on services or products.  As our company grows they have potential to grow with it, giving them unlimited career opportunities, better wages, paid education and benefits. We provide ongoing mentoring and train each other to make certain we are continuing to develop our skills.  We also only work four days a week! We believe it is crucial to our teams wellbeing to be able to recharge on our days off. By having three days off this helps us to stay passionate about what we do here at Let 'Em Have It. We always want to provide the best experience for our clients and this allows us to do so.

Career Growth Opportunities

We seek to discover the passions that each employee adds to our culture, and develop it into a career path. If they have a passion in education, we train them to become an educator to teach new talent or for advanced education. Other opportunities include sustainability, wellness, leadership, editorial and fashion. 

On Going Education 

We promote an environment of life-long learning for our team and offer advanced training in everything from technical skills, communication and consultation development, inclusivity, business, wellness and mental health. 

Commitment to Quality

To give you the best results we never compromise and only use products with the highest quality ingredients and are always cruelty free.  

We ensure that every company behind every product we use is aligned with our values– whether it’s a beverage or professional products. We integrate social and environmental responsibility into all aspects of our workplace.  

Better for the Planet  

We strive to lower our impact by considering the life cycle of each product we use. We partner with companies to make your visit less impactful on the environment. Read more about our sustainability efforts HERE.

Giving Back 

We pay it forward by volunteering our time and donating resources to local charities we support. 

We've partnered with Emily Griffith Technical College, KIPP Colorado Schools to offer mentorships and career opportunities.




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