Our Values

Let Em Have It Salon (LEHIS) represents the values that we live by: Leadership, Education, Hunger, Inclusivity and Sustainability. 


Lead by example.

Empower yourself to become the leader of your life, to hold yourself accountable and live each day with intention.  


Never stop learning.

Have a beginner’s mind, stay curious and hungry for knowledge. 


Driven to become remarkable. 

Going above the norm by doing, saying, offering, or being that individual who puts more heart, soul, and thought into your actions.


We encourage you to embrace the authentic human that you are. When we have unconditional and genuine love for ourselves, we can share that with others. We strive to cultivate a diverse team in ethnicity, age, gender and part of the LGBTQIA community. By providing an inclusive environment, we foster creativity, innovative thinking with endless growing opportunities. We are a proud Salon Alliance Member Salon for Dresscode Project A global alliance of salons/shops committed to providing positive, gender-affirming services for LGBTQ2S+ clients


Keep our planet as beautiful and healthy as the hair we create.

Our natural resources come from nature.  Having respect for the world that gives us life is vital to our existence. We always consider the life of a product, and divert/recycle 98% of our waste to Green Circle Salons.