Our Team


Owner/Stylist/Curl Specialist

She, her, hers 

What Kelly enjoys about this industry is it provides a career path that allows for genuine connection, creativity and the possibilities are endless! She is most excited to introduce people to their natural curl. She couldn’t begin to give words to the amount of joy she experiences when she gives someone a curly lesson and watches them fall in love with their natural beauty for the first time in their life. She enjoys the daily changes this industry brings even if you were to offer the same service every day. She gets to connect with so many different people on a daily basis. Each client has their own flare and she enjoys customizing a look specifically for their personality.

When she's not doing hair you'll find Kelly doing yoga, connecting with loved ones, wandering around the mountains or spending some much appreciated time on her couch with her cats.  




Manager/Marketing/Guest Services

She, her, hers


Jenessa loves watching people become their most authentic selves and embracing who they are. She worked behind the chair for Let Em Have It for a while, and during the pandemic realized it was no longer her calling. She still gets to be in the beauty industry, just more on the business side now. She does our marketing and community outreach. On her days off she enjoys hanging out with her family and taking care of her two dogs. 



Director of Education/Stylist

He, Him, His

Uri enjoys the opportunity to customize a look that’s tailored for the person in his chair. He loves combining creativity and practicality to enhance his clients beauty.

He likes that, it’s always a different day, and he gets to add value to his clients life. He keeps himself inspired daily by creating and practicing affirmations, following artist that he looks up to, making time to research about fashion and hair trends, and listening to a good podcast. On his days off he enjoy having time to reflect, journal and nourish his soul. He loves working out, running, dancing, but he can also get into being a homebody, lighting a candle and sketching.





Stylist/Curl Specialist

She, her, hers 


Shae enjoys letting her creative and spunky side shine through her work. Hair is a creative and individual experience for her, she thrives off of helping encourage peoples unique shine, individuality, and confidence. Shae’s passions are edgy, textured and colorful looks. She enjoys doing color to shaggy mullets to pixies. When she’s not doing hair, she really prioritizes her own personal healing. She has learned that healing isn’t linear but the benefits to start a healing and healthy life have impacted her in her personal and professional life. When Shae’s not at the salon she’s lounging with her kitty Lucy.




Apprentice/Stylist in training

They, them, theirs



Outside of the salon, I like to keep my background in the arts alive by knitting, sculpting and drawing. I’m a huge film lover especially when it comes to horror and I’m never one to shy away from a cozy night in with a book or favorite game, my partner and our sweet little cat :)

I can’t wait to start my journey with let em have it and honestly learn all I can!!! Learning never stops and I want to be a sponge, absorbing all that my fellow stylists and guests have to share with me and teach me. It fills my heart to the brim knowing I’ll be able to contribute to a culture that is focused on making each person feel seen and loved and powerful in their own skin :heart:



Stylist/Curl Specialist

She, her, hers 

Our sweet Angelica passed away on Oct 17th, 2022. She was so loved by her family, friends, and clients. She will be truly missed. She was like family to our small team and we are so grateful for the time that we spent with her over the years. We will always love and miss you, Angelica. We hope you are dancing and singing wherever you are and we will do the same to honor you always. Rest in Paradise, sweet girl. 

One word that describes Angelica is Intriguing...she enjoys welcoming and meeting new people and taking on new challenges. Angelica has many years of experience in the corporate industry, but she made a life changing decision by following her passion for hair that started in the early 90’s. Without hesitation, Angelica has not looked back and has taken charge of her new career path behind the chair by empowering people to see the beauty inside themselves. She enjoys writing music, singing, cooking and spending time with friends and family. She is inspired by growth, self motivation and progress, and she firmly believes in living a purpose filled life that empowers others to be their authentic selves. When she’s not behind the chair you can find Angelica laughing over a plate full of good food and enjoying great conversations.