she/her @kelly.swann_stylist

Meet Kelly, the owner of Let Em Have It Salon, and a curly hair specialist who has made it her mission to help people embrace their natural curls. Kelly is a fearless leader who leads with love, kindness, and compassion.

Kelly's passion for the hair industry started in 2012 when she discovered the lack of knowledge and understanding around curly hair care. She fell in love with helping people to embrace their natural hair texture as well as teaching other stylists how to do the same.

Kelly's vision for her salon was to create a space where everyone feels welcome and loved. She believes a business built on love is destined to make a positive impact on those who enter our doors.

Kelly is known for her vibrant personality and love for a good time. She is always up for a laugh and has a way of making her clients feel comfortable and loved.



Meet Jenessa. Having initially worked behind the chair as a hairstylist, she realized that her calling extended far beyond behind the chair. Embracing her diverse skill set, Jenessa transitioned to a new role where she thrives as a dynamic force behind the scenes.

As the face of the front desk, Jenessa effortlessly embodies warmth, professionalism, and exceptional customer service. She greets clients with a genuine smile, ensuring their experience is nothing short of exceptional. She has the ability to handle various administrative tasks with efficiency and grace.

Above all, Jenessa is known for her loving and kind nature. She radiates positivity, making everyone around her feel valued and appreciated. Whether it's providing support to a team member, lending an empathetic ear to a client, or simply spreading joy within the salon, Jenessa's genuine care for others is palpable.


He/him @uridoesart

Meet Uri, a well-established stylist who has made a name for himself in the hair industry with his passion for blonding and creative cutting. His expertise in blonding and creative cutting is unmatched, and his clients trust him implicitly to create the perfect look for them.

In addition to his expertise, Uri is known for his positive energy and infectious personality. He has a natural ability to connect with his clients and make them feel at ease in his chair. His clients love him for his attention to detail, his passion for his work, and his ability to create beautiful, customized looks that suit their individual needs.


She/they @shaedsofbeauty_

Meet Shae! She has a natural talent for hair cutting and coloring. Her love for creating edgy, unconventional hairstyles is evident in her passion for shags, mullets, pixies, and razor haircuts.

Her clients love her for her down-to-earth, kind, and genuine personality, which makes every visit to the salon feel like a catch-up session with an old friend.

Aside from her undeniable talent, Shae is known for her good energy and quirky personality. She loves to make her clients feel comfortable and at ease in her chair while keeping them entertained with her goofy humor. 


they/them @audapparitions

Meet Ash, a non-binary hair apprentice who is making waves in the hair industry with their passion and dedication. Ash has always been fascinated by hair, and after realizing their love for the craft, they decided to pursue a career in the industry. Though they have only been licensed for a short amount of time, they are already excelling in everything they learn.

In addition to their passion and dedication, Ash is known for their kind and empathetic nature. They have a natural ability to connect with clients and make them feel comfortable in their chair. They are quick to learn and understand new things, and their ability to adapt to new situations makes them an exceptional hair apprentice.