Scalp & Hair Repair Treatments

Your scalp sheds dead skin cells just like the skin on your body and needs to be exfoliated to stimulate the hair follicle for healthy hair growth at least once a month. 

Using products that can be heavy in waxes and silicones trap dead skin and build up creating excessive hair shedding which can lead to hair loss. We recommend using Solu once a week, Solu is a Davines shampoo that helps remove buildup and add healthy minerals back in your hair. 

We offer a variety of treatments to keep your scalp and hair healthy. You can book a scalp & hair repair session and we'll custom blend a treatment to revitalize your hair. 

We are now offering a custom blend take home version of your favorite salon treatment. 2 oz jar $12.50 4oz $25 

For Wellbeing:  Seasonal hot oil aromatherapy scalp massage to promote relaxation. 

For Hair Growth: Wake up and exfoliate your follicles with a renewing scalp treatment or promote hair growth with our royal jelly scalp supplement. 

To Detoxify: Remove buildup and rebalance oily scalps. Great for dry scalps and dandruff too. 

To Nourish & Rehydrate: Give your hair hydration with hyaluronic acid and rebuild damaged hair with protein.