Our Pricing

Beauty is not a one size fits all! We believe your image should be the outer expression of your personality and our goal is to design your image to enhance and bring out your unique beauty. We provide a safe and inclusive environment to allow our team to live authentically and help our guest to step into the same.  

We’re an exclusive Davines and Innersense Organic Beauty Salon offering all natural and non-toxic beauty products to give you the highest quality of service. 


Our Commitment to Quality 

In addition to our high quality products, we offer an in-salon, one-on-one, five month training program out of Cosmetology School and on-going advanced education five times per year. Innovation is one of our virtues and we are always thinking out of the box and taking actionable steps to push ourselves to higher standards of business. Our team meets for a morning huddle to strategize for the day and talk about how we can add more value and new improvements. 

Our education involves:

  • Technical training in all services offered 
  • Professional development & role play
  • Interactive tests and written tests 
  • Scorecard completed with every training service test out
  • Consultation development 
  • Product knowledge 
  • Diversity 
  • Sustainability 
  • and so much more! 

All training services are offered at a discounted rate and scored in all areas of customer experience. If you would like to participate as a training hair model text 720-638-4619 to book a training service.

New clients and or new services are followed up with a short survey a week after their visit to ensure satisfaction was met. 


Our Pricing 

As a Certified B Corporation and Benefit Corporation we believe in transparency with our customers. We charge for time not for bowls of color, level of experience, or service type. By taking out service names and charging for time, it allows us to be inclusive and promote a gender neutral salon. As fashions and trends change we know the difficulties in understanding the type of service you need for your desired outcome. We also know that no two heads are the same and we should charge according to the time it will take to achieve your desired outcome.

We will create an image journey with you and the flexibility to give enhance your features to be the most suitable for you! Your service session is custom and original to you-- the name of the service doesn’t matter.    

For us to give this level of excellence we are committed to give you undivided attention and a less chaotic, relaxed salon experience. We believe in providing high quality service using the best ingredients, and adhere to our values of being an ethical and sustainable business. 

All of our services we offer (excluding color corrections and fashion colors) are priced at $85 per hour, fashion and corrective colors are $100hr. We can help you determine what session you need by filling out our new client form, HERE. We’ll send you a text and provide guidance on what would be best for you based on your current hair, desired outcome, time and investment. 


A $3 Environmental Fee is added to every service so we are able to ship all of our waste to Green Circle Salons.

Not sure what you're looking to accomplish and need some guidance? Shoot us a text, or give us a call at 720-638-4619. We recommend booking an in person design consultation to collaborate with one of our stylists to create a plan for your desired outcome. This session is 15 minutes and complimentary

Your Questions Answered

What can make my cut or color session take longer?

There are color time standard durations on which our team is trained and tested. We base our time standards on; your starting hair color, length and thickness of your hair and your desired outcome. If you have box color, book a in person consultation to get a better estimate on how much time is required. 

What if my stylist is slower at doing a service? 

There are time standard durations on which our team is trained and tested. If the service takes longer than the standard duration, due to the speed of our service providers we will not pass that onto the customer. 

Will I be charged for time if my stylist is running late for my service?

No, you will only be charged for the time you have booked and serviced. 

What if my service takes less time? 

We ask lots of questions to ensure we are booking an accurate amount of time, when you reserve a service. You are charged for the amount of time that is booked. If you would like more of an accurate amount of time you can book virtual consultation or a 15 minute in-person design consultation. 

What if my service takes more time? 

Similar to if you were to receive a design session to design your home or landscape, we ask what you want to accomplish and your budget. If what you would like to accomplish is a higher cost than your budget we will develop a different recommendation that would fit within your budget. 

If your service takes additional time because of the type of look you are trying to achieve, if we have extra time that day and it works within your budget we will either add more time to your session that day or book a follow up session, and you'll be charged accordingly. 

 Why do I have to make a 50% deposit to book a reservation?

In order to accommodate and be respectful of all our customers, we want to minimize last minute cancellations and no-shows by requiring a 50% deposit to secure your appointment time. If a cancellation within less than 48hr notice or no show should occur, the 50% will be non-refundable.  

Please view our cancellation policy for more info HERE 

Have additional questions?

We are happy to help, text or request a call 720-638-4619